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Endermologie Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite is, to the modern, figure-conscious woman, one of the
most difficult problems to beat.  Cellulite occurs when fat cells
protrude from around the connective tissue that attaches skin to
muscle-and tends to develop in almost 90% of women at some
point. Up to now, liposuction has been the only effective method of
removing those unsightly fat deposits that no amount of dieting
and exercise will budge.

Previously, a woman’s main weapon in the cellulite battle has
been jars of expensive creams and special diets which claim to
melt away unsightly ‘orange-peel’ skin. Unluckily these treatments
not produced the actual results. But that has changed with the
latest non-surgical cellulite treatment technology from France. This
technique is known as Endermologie.

Endermologie is recognized worldwide as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of
cellulite and body contouring treatments. It is an FDA-approved
treatment to effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite, increase
circulation, relieve minor muscle aches and pains, and relax
muscle spasms.

It is widely used for decades in Europe and now is available in the
USA. Endermologie
cellulite reduction treatment has been used
as a method of cellulite treatment in the United States since 1996
and users claim that it can also be used to soften burn scars.
Because Endermologie is able, in fact to improve the appearance
of cellulite, its popularity continues to grow.

This patented technique, developed in France over a decade ago
efficiently produces results using rollers and gentle suctioning to
deep massage the affected areas in a way that cannot be
otherwise duplicated.

Endermologie was developed by Doctor Louis-Paul Guitay (LPG)
in the early 1980s and was originally used in the treatment of
burns to prevent skin contraction, and to loosen scar tissue.
During its initial use it was noticed that it improved the appearance
of cellulite and became widely used in France and USA for
aesthetic purposes.

Studies have shown that  body circulation is increased; toxins and
water build up are expelled as the connective fibers are stretched,
leading to smoother body. It firms areas that are unresponsive to
exercise or that have been lost tone due to aging, weight loss or
stretch marks like no other treatment available. The effects are
especially noticeable in the hips, inner and outer thighs, buttocks,
abdomen, sides (love handles), backs, and arms. It is effective for
both women and men. From head to toe, your Endermology
experience is effective, safe and painless.

One of the reasons this process is so effective is that large
amounts of fat, waste, and toxins are eased out of the tissues
during treatment. To ensure these waste products are not recycled
back into your body, you will want to drink extra water.

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