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Medical Weight Loss -Frequently Asked Questions.

Does the CMWL program include weight loss surgery?
No. The Center for Medical Weight Loss program is strictly a non-
surgical approach to weight loss and weight maintenance.  

Is the CMWL weight loss program safe?
Not only are CMWL programs safe for weight loss, but they are
effective in controlling, reducing, and even eliminating any
complications, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart
disease, that are associated with being overweight or obese. More
than this, CMWL weight loss programs can help alleviate many of the
other conditions that result from obesity, including arthritis, coronary
artery disease, sleep apnea, persistent lymphedema (swelling in an
arm or leg), lower extremity edema (abnormal accumulation of fluids),
hypertension (high blood pressure), and high cholesterol.

How does the CMWL program work?
The program is structured in three main phases: Quick Start,
Transition, and Maintenance. Each phase has four components –
food, activity, behavior, and medication – that are personalized based
on your unique goals and needs. The food and behavioral
components are core to the program; activity and medication
prescriptions are suggested when the doctor feels they are safe and
appropriate. It’s important to understand that there is no ‘one size fits
all’ with the CMWL weight loss program. Because you are unique,
your CMWL doctor will create a personalized plan just for you based
on your specific attributes and weight loss challenges.  
How is CMWL different from other weight loss programs?
There are two primary differences you will find with CMWL compared
to most other weight loss programs. First, our weight loss program is
physician-supervised. Our doctors, who are extensively trained in the
medical science of weight loss, can treat your weight within the
context of your total health profile. Because of this they have tools and
resources that other programs do not, such as the ability to adjust
medications hindering your weight loss progress. Second, our
program does not focus on just one aspect of weight loss. We take a
comprehensive, holistic approach that includes food, exercise, and
behavioral modification. Weight loss and weight maintenance is a
way of life.

How do I know I’ll get good treatment from CMWL?
CMWL physicians receive extensive clinical training in medical weight
loss. All of our doctors are board-certified and are continually
assessed to make sure you are receiving the safest, most effective
treatment and care.

What kinds of foods can I eat on the program?
Each phase of the program provides a food plan based on daily
calories. In the Quick Start and Transition phases of the program, your
CMWL doctor will prescribe a Low Calorie Diet (LCD), which consists
of highly nutritional, FDA-approved products designed to keep you
healthy and balanced as you experience weight loss. As you move
toward your weight loss goal and incorporate healthier behaviors into
your lifestyle, you will begin to introduce more of your favorite foods
into your daily plan with the doctor’s guidance. The goal is to help you
achieve your life-long Maintenance phase while enjoying the foods
you eat.

Do I have to exercise on the program?
There is no requirement for exercise, but research consistently shows
that exercise increases the likelihood of maintaining a healthy weight
(and not regaining weight lost). Should you decide to pursue an
exercise routine, with your doctor’s permission, the program will offer
activity recommendations based on your body composition and
physical abilities.

Do I have to take weight loss medication?
There is no medication requirement. However, if you consent, your
doctor can prescribe a safe appetite suppressant to keep hunger at
bay as you lose weight. Your CMWL doctor can also adjust any current
medications you might be taking for another condition, but that may
also be interfering with your weight loss efforts.

Do I have to participate in behavioral counseling?
Yes, behavioral counseling is essential and critical to achieving your
weight loss goals. Without addressing your relationship with food,
lifestyle habits, and the emotional barriers that may be preventing you
from making progress, the program will be less effective in enabling
you to reach your full potential. Your CMWL doctor is both your
experienced one-on-one coach and greatest fan throughout the
weight loss process.

Do I have to be extremely overweight to consider CMWL?
Programs at CMWL are not simply for people who are extremely
overweight – they’re for anyone who is unhappy or feels unhealthy due
to his or her weight. We will tell you if you don’t need to lose weight or
if you don’t qualify for CMWL weight loss programs for any reason.
Our first priority is your overall health and well-being.

I really only want to lose 15 pounds. What would be the best plan
for me? How long will it take?
At your initial consultation, the physician will be able to let you know
which plan is best suited for you and how long it will take you to lose
weight on each of the programs. The decision on which program is
right for you is made based on your age, medical condition(s), and
motivation level. The physician’s goal is to find the program and plan
that will work the best and be the most effective based on your
individual needs. To get an idea of how long it will take you to lose the
weight, try our weight loss prediction calculator.

How much does the program cost?
Program costs vary depending on the weight loss plan designed for
Initial consultation is free.

Does my insurance cover any of the weight loss program's cost?
Generally the CMWL program is not covered by insurance. However,
depending on the amount of weight you need to lose and your carrier,
you may be eligible for coverage; check with your individual insurance
carrier for more information.
How quickly can I expect to see results?
Though it depends on your specific circumstances and health
concerns, most patients lose weight within the first two weeks and
continue to reduce their weight as they continue with the CMWL eating
plans and behavioral counseling. Adding exercise to your routine can
also help speed up your rate of weight loss.
How long do I have to stay on the CMWL program?
The length of time you may stay on any weight loss program depends
on which program you are on, how much weight you need to lose and
– most importantly – how motivated you are. As you know, weight loss
is not about a "quick fix." When you move from the initial phase of any
weight loss program to maintenance phases, the goal is to establish
healthy eating habits you can follow throughout your life. The
programs at The Center for Medical Weight Loss are comprehensive
and include behavior modification and counseling, as well as
exercise recommendations created to help you achieve on-going

How often do I have to visit a CMWL weight loss center?
Again, it depends on the requirements of your individual weight loss
program. Initial programs usually require a visit every one to two
weeks for progress measurements and behavioral counseling, but
your CMWL physician will design a plan that makes the most sense
for you and your weight loss goals.

What happens after I lose the weight?
After you reach your goal weight on The Center for Medical Weight
Loss plan, you’ll enter the Maintenance Phase of the program. You’ll
continue to visit with your CMWL physician as needed to help you
maintain your weight loss and to ensure you have the best healthy
eating, exercise, and behavioral strategies to keep off the weight – for

Our doctors follow various protocols for medically supervised weight
loss, among which is the program of Center for Medical Weight Loss

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